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    2. About Us
      About Us
      Company Profile

      ZIGONG TIANSHUN AUTO STARTER CO.,LTD.is located in Zigong ctity where is famous of machinery manufacturing industry in Daan industrial park ,Sichuan province, has more than 10 years more of producing carbon brushes and spare parts of auto starter, We are manufacturer of automotive starter and related parts Assembly, research and developing, production, sales and service of a professional high-tech producing exported enterprises. We have strong technical strength, advanced production technology, detection equipment, team elite, with complete motor manufacturing and quality testing equipment. The company actively to customer and promote their own efforts to improve product quality, adhering to the "professional attentive and innovative" core spirit, the spirit of "The standard decide the level, the character decide the products "management principles, Innovative, proactive, to meet the needs of existing and potential customers. Brands kick off domestic and foreign markets, At the same time the company is willing to joint consultation with peers, enhance exchange and cooperation, efforts to raise the level of its scientific management, together, create brilliant.

      Comapny Name:Zigong Tianshun Auto Starter Co.,Ltd.
      Address:Daan Industrial Park Zigong City Sichuan Province China P.R.