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    2. News
      Company news
      Built maximum of auto starter detected test-bed
      時間:2012-10-30 11:19:17

      The largest automobile starter test-bed installed successfully in TIANSHUN AUTO STARTER, Zigong Sichuan recently, ends the automobile starter free producing and testing history in Sichuan area. Starter is the key part of engine, because there is no auto starter detected test-bed in the past, design and manufacturing high grade auto starter should import technology, not only cost high, but also broad peer of constraints if adopted this method, to develop and upgrade related technology, "TIANSHUN AUTO STARTER” dare of thinking dare of done courage to challenge European USA and Japanese auto technology, large introduced high-end technology authority and talent, finally built maximum of auto starter detected test-bed.


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      Comapny Name:Zigong Tianshun Auto Starter Co.,Ltd.
      Address:Daan Industrial Park Zigong City Sichuan Province China P.R.